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Medically Proven

SpineX SpineCare Equipment:

  • Accurately test lumbar and cervical function.
  • Restore and increase range of motion, strength and endurance thereby improving everyday functional capability while reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Objectively evaluate results, detect malingering or uncooperative subjects and provide university based comparisons to age and weight-matched norms.

We provide the medical society the only tools capable of producing specific and accurate testing of spinal function, along with the best source of controlled functional rehabilitation with isolated medical exercise.

  • The equipment is computerised so that strength and endurance data can be documented and progress easily monitored.
  • You have the ability to TEST an individual’s strength throughout his/her full range of motion:
  • Isometric strength is measured at 7 standardized test positions which show the individual’s absolute strength (measured in ft/lbs of torque) at each test position.
  • You have the ability to use the counterbalance which allows you to look at an individual’s relative strength (strength expressed relative to body weight).
  • You have the ability to chart and monitor progress in range of motion.
  • An individual’s strength and range of motion can be compared to gender and age-matched norms.
  • Printed reports can be sent to the individual’s health practitioner and case managers.
  • Testing with visual feedback from the computer monitor can be a big motivator in an individual’s performance.
  • There has been a great deal of clinical research done on the medical machines that show outstanding outcomes regardless of diagnosis.
  • Malingerers can be detected through a special mode of testing.
  • Trained clinicians supervise the individual’s session.

Lumbar Extension

The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine can provide resistance over a full range of isolated lumbar motion (72 degrees), or over a selected limited range.

Medical-LumbarIn exercise mode, a compound weight stack provides from 10 to 400 foot pounds in increments of one foot pound.

Isometric testing may occur every 3 degrees within the patient’s range of motion. During the test, the software plots a strength curve that allows a comparison of the patient’s strength and range of motion to age and gender matched norms. It also has the ability to detect a lack of reasonable effort by the patient. Various reports can be generated for individual patients and selected patients groups or categories for outcome tracking purposes.

Accuracy and reliability of testing is addressed by the machine’s ability to factor out the torque of both torso mass and stored energy. Torso mass is eliminated via an adjustable counter wight. Stored energy (tissue compression and/or joint elasticity) can be assessed and factored out at each angle tested.

Cervical Extension

The MedX Cervical Extension Machine is an effective, proven solution for your patients who suffer from neck pain and/or headaches. Because the cervical muscles must continually support the weight of the head, headache and neck pain are common clinical complaints. These ailments often originate as a result of muscular weakness or traumatic injury.


The MedX Cervical Extension Machine is highly reliable and specific for the quantification of isometric cervical extension strength testing and dynamic variable resistance training.
Isometric testing can be performed every three degrees through the normal 126 degree range of motion. Validity is achieved by effectively stabilizing the torso to achieve cervical extension muscle isolation. Counterbalancing the mass of the head is performed to ensure accurate torque assessment by eliminating the effects of gravity.

This machine features dual weight stacks with a stroke length of only 1.5 inches during a full-range dynamic contraction. This short stroke length reduces internal friction and lowers the risk of impact forces. Weight can be selected at 3 inch pound increments from 30 to 900 inch pounds of resistance.


The Core System

The MedX Core System is promoted as a way to prevent and reduce back pain.

Due to high demand for smaller versions of their medical rehabilitation equipment, MedX developed The Core Fitness System.

Increased strength and flexibility at the core of the body, makes this system a favourite amongst golfers and golfing professionals looking to increase club head speed, accuracy and stamina, and is utilised in more of a gym like setting.

It must be stated that these machines do not have the capabilities of the medical machines and do not isolate and test spine function.  All the extensive research and peer-review articles  associated with MedX relates to the medical machines only.