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The Organisation Behind the Original & Best MedX Medical Machines

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Bringing a dynamic and profitable edge to your business, MXS Australia offers equipment, expert operational staff, education and proven medically-based systems.  Clearly defined, scientifically based protocols for spinal testing and treatment will attain superior patient/client outcomes, ensuring success.

In 2008, MXS Australia established and successfully operated the only fully equipped MedX testing, rehabilitation and therapy centre in Australia.

To discuss the MedX Systems Australia advantage and the MedX Spine Care system, call Wayne Brewer personally on +61 417 632 668. 

History of MXS Australia

MedX Systems Australia (MXS Australia) which was established with a sole purpose of providing highly developed and scientifically-based medical exercise systems. 

Wayne Brewer, the founder of MXS Australia and MedX-Physio, has been associated with Arthur Jones (the founder, inventor and chairman of both MedX and Nautilus medical sports industries) his equipment, philosophy and associated educational programs since the 1980’s. He has implemented programs to over 12,000 clients/patients and has achieved associated business success for more than thirty years. 

Wayne has been authorised and recognised by MedX, specifically the  inventor, founder and Chairman Arthur Jones, President Michael Dettmers and International Vice President and health and fitness dignitary Joe Cirulli.

He has been responsible for establishing and operating a number of MedX facilities in Australia and being the chief exponent and importer of this equipment into the country.

Since January 2008, MedX Systems Australia has operated unique, medically supervised spine care centres, which specifically utilise MedX Medical Machines. 

Medically Proven

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The Physicians Neck and Back Clinics in Minnesota (which utilise the MedX medical machines) have been cited by the following publications:

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Incorporated into every MedX product are decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research. With more than 50 published articles in peer-reviewed journals, the proof lies in the research and the thousands of testimonials from people around the world.

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To discuss the MedX Systems Australia advantage and the MedX SpineCare system call Wayne Brewer personally on 0417 632 668.

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